We wait for you in Taranto

The third edition of the Festival will be in Taranto, 3 to 7 May:
40 films in competition, 5 special events.
We look forward to see you, join us in Taranto.



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Documentary Film Festival

3rd Edition, 2017 - Taranto

A look at the past to remind Marcellino de Baggis, his works, his professional commitment.
A dip in the present and in the future to grow and spread, with our commitment, the documentary film culture.
Our festival aims to bring people and artists to Taranto and make them aware of the history and beauty of this area.
A festival is always a tribute to the beauty and an act of generosity.
Our festival deals with documentary films, an art form that investigates reality and humanity.
Cinema is curious and curiosity is life.
This was the content of the works that Marcellino filmed around the world and that the Festival (born in 2013) collected and showed through the works of many Italian and foreign directors.
This small observatory has brought the public closer to documentary filmmaking with curiosity and simplicity.
In the first two editions, we received 220 movies with a short list of forty of them.
A significant number, especially for a newborn small festival, in an area that seems to have lost the movie vocation.
This third edition, which will take place in May 2017, strengthens the previous structure presenting two innovations.
First, the competition reserved for schools, a special section in addition to the two traditional ("Mystery" for Italian first works and "New Horizons" for international movies).
The second, a jury made up of students who will join, in autonomy, the official one made up of industry professionals.
Two changes aimed at involving new generations.
There are many stories that deserve to be told and in the International Festival of Documentary Cinema Marcellino de Baggis we look forward to presenting them to you.

The event will be in May 4/6, organized into five evenings, including two sections:

1. Italian competition for debut documentary novel "MYSTERY"
2. International competition documentary "NEW HORIZONS"

1) "MYSTERY" is the particular feeling that drive the director to his first work in the footsteps of Marcellino to search for the meaning of life, death and love.

2) "NEW HORIZONS" Discovering the reality in all its forms intended to achieve, through the images, the most innovative aspects of social life, modern issues, sports etc.

Events, as well as members of the jury and the guests star, will be decided by the group over the coming months.
During the event will be made available to the public a catalog of all the works screened that will provide a complete information on the film and authors of the competition.
There are, on the sidelines of the screenings, workshops with filmmakers and critics of the industry, discussions with the audience, book presentations.
Authorities will be invited to attend institutional, provincial and regional representatives of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Film Commission, UNESCO, the press and TV.


Daniele Ciprì


Antonella Gaeta


Massimo Causo


Massimo Modugno


Michele Diomà


Ruggero Sintoni


Virginia Sommadossi